What a difference a year makes! From frail to prevail!
— Michaela

I have known Pamela Kelle professionally at least ten years. She is an amazing dietitian. Always putting her patients first, she is truly an inspiration. Her ongoing quest for knowledge and her concept of a healthy lifestyle is admirable. My patients and staff really enjoy working and learning from her.
— Richard Krause, MD, Medical Director of Clinsearch

I believe God brings people into our lives for a reason and I have no doubt He brought you into mine to help heal me. With your help I’ve been broken away from negative, false thoughts, behaviors and patterns that I’ve struggled with for a great portion of my life. You taught me how to find the gray area of life and offer myself grace. I’m not meant to be perfect or eat perfect every day, that’s not how God created me. You taught me how to be mindful and focus on the things in life that are meaningful to me and because of that, this Christmas was actually enjoyable. I didn’t overeat and I wasn’t focused on food but instead the people that I was surrounded by and the love we all have for one another. Thank you for your help in getting me to this point!
— A.P.

Pam, I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me! Without your help, I don’t think I would’ve been able to recover so well. Thank you for always reminding me of the fact that I am a daughter of the Most Holy King. You are terrific at what you do, and your gentle, loving spirit creates an environment free of judgment. I know that if I ever need to, your office is always there. Thanks so much!
— S.F.

Pam Kelle is the ideal choice for those looking for help with food and weight related issues. She is extremely knowledgeable and stays well informed on the latest trends and studies on nutrition and weight control. As important though is the kind of person she is. She’s no one size fits all food coach. She is an extremely caring person who gets to know her clients as individuals and guides them through their problems so that they can meet their goals, not hers. Sessions with her are both helpful and inspirational. She’s a great person with a real talent for what she does.
— Suzanne

When I went to shop this weekend, I felt more confident and more patient with the process. I also bought some things at the market Sunday. I spent some time Sunday night chopping things up and getting them into smaller servings. It’s made a difference in my week so far. I would love to go again and hear more of your ideas and expertise. I am really bad about only buying the same things over and over and now I feel like I can try new things without going overboard. Thank you again for being so amazing and patient with me. Your confidence in my recovery really means the world to me. I feel like I am finally making progress!
— Kate

Your presentation yesterday was the best food presentation I have ever seen. It was dynamite. Surely appreciate your giving us your time and wisdom. There were several comments afterwards on how great it was. Thanks so much. It surely helped to make the workshop a ‘hit’.
— Elaine

I truly do not believe I could have accomplished my dietary changes had it not been for Pam’s gentle support. She enabled me to become a healthier person with her nonjudgmental guidance which allowed me to expose my real self. I suggest anyone, ready or even not ready go visit Pam.
— Sharon

With thoughtful, emotional, and personal sessions, Pam taught me the skills I need to make the choices that are right for me – which I love – I think every individual views food and nutrition form a different place – there is no one program for everybody. She helped me to analyze my relationship with food on the deepest, most personal and emotional levels. Pam is a great listener and can glean information form what appears to me to the simplest of confessions – she’s always helping me with solutions to challenges I face everyday. As I have slowly moved my way from a size 24 to size 14 she has been with me the entire way, always encouraging and stressing the importance of making small and realistic changes for life.
— Julie