Welcome to Your Own Food Coach

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My message and conversations I want to share here are based on the conversations, questions and sharing that occur in my office every day. Sometimes I look at and point to the door that opens into my office space and tell my clients that there are others who share their feelings about food and body. Many who have entered my office and quite possibly many of you listening. My hope is while walking your dog or driving to work our conversations might bring up questions in you too. And that you would know you are not alone.

I have spent my career as a registered dietitian researching, getting additional certifications, licenses and background first as a diabetes educator, then onto mindful eating awareness, constructive living, and finally as a certified eating disorder dietitian. This podcast will address the areas where I have developed a keen interest and experience. I am always learning, and look forward to learning together here in this space. You’ve come to the right place.

I hope that together we can think about our relationship with food and our bodies.